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Ichigo's Transformation!!
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Mar 31, 2012

Manga Reviews; Seiyuu Ka-!

   Hiohayou~ konnichiwa~ konbanwa~ moshi moshi Minna!! ogenki desu ka??  Meet me again! Haru Kurokawa desu yo! etto, saya tahu kalau saya nggak pernah ngereviews tentang Manga, dikarenakan bingung mau ngereviewsnya gimana, tapi saya bisa sekarang! Manga that I want to reviews is... Seiyuu Ka-! here is some pic to start...

  Owooohh!!! those cake looks so pretty and delicious!! well, this Manga is not about cake, but about a girl named Kino Hime a 15 years old girl who just started her first year in a high school for voice actors (Seiyuu) called Hiiragi Academy. She dreams of becoming the voice of the main character in one of the most popular series in Japan, "Magic Fighter Lovely Blazers". The academy is the number one school which allows students to make their voice acting debuts, and also includes more departments: sports, music, acting, and media communication.
Of course this Academy is full of celebrities, too. Two of Hime's classmates are none other than the two rising idols of the group "Idol Aqua". But Hime's dream is hard to fulfill. Her voice is not really suitable for a female and cute seiyuu. and she have this "prince voice" that makes the Producer Yamada wants to have her in the casting. hm... that the synopsis..
  sigh... Hime, if i were you, i would like to do a casting with that Prince voice of yours.. well, who want to know my opinion? okay.. lets continue with the chara..

-Main Chara- 

1. Hime Kino, Gori-hime
Hime Kino Hime dreams is to become a bishoujo Seiyuu, dakedo, her voice is rather umm.... rendah, and she couldn't have this lovely voice. because of this "prince voice" that she has, the famous Producer Yamada Haruka, wants Hime to casting as a boy.. and Hime is also one of the 4 drop outs. the 4 Dropout is a name for those who have bad grades in their class
1.2. Shiro
 This is actually Hime's boy version. the shiro name is actually adopted from the Japanese of "Big amateur"

2. Senri Kudou
Senri Kudou A first-year student in the Hiiragi Academy's voice acting department and the son of Sakura Aoyama, the actress that Hime admires so much. He's already a professional in the voice acting industry, and despite only being 15-years old, has already mastered the acting talent of becoming his character, not simply playing out his character. He's also a good singer, great in the looks department, and has astounding grades in the generals department. He shows a cold-hearted attitude toward Hime once he finds out she admires his mother and chooses to ignore her since she doesn't interest him in the least. However, when she portrays the prince's role in Snow White, he helps her out when nobody else is available. He also tries to help her practice her cute voice, but is too distracted by her smile. Even though he portrays a cold exterior, he has a soft spot for small animals and, for some reason, sees Hime as a cat sometimes. and his cold attitude makes he looks like a weirdo in Hime eyes.

3. Haruka Yamada
Haruka Yamada is a producer for GGC Production, and the producer of the popular Idol Unit AQUA. He often checks out the voice acting department to scout new talent. In actuality, he visits simply to check up on Senri and tries to convince him to join his newest production. However, after hearing Hime do the prince's role he becomes quite interested in scouting her as well. Haruka is a YANDERE!

4. Mizuki Haruyama
Mizuki Haruyama A 2nd-year in Hiiragi Academy's acting department and, along with Shuuma, is one of the Idol Unit AQUA and mediated the Snow White showdown. He's gentle-hearted, but Shuuma suggests that something happened in his past that still haunts him and gives Mizuki a mysterious, more sinister side. He shows an interest in Hime. He also belongs with GGC Production. he gave his glasses so that Hime could use his "prince voice". that glasses is like a charm for Hime.

-Supporting Chara-

1. Takayanagi Shou, Hime's friend, and one of the 4 dropouts. because he has a bad temper. and he is a really shy boy..

2. Tsukino Todoroki. Hime's friend, one of the 4 dropouts because of her soft voice, and she is... a... YANDERE

3. Michael Zaizen, or Mitchii the last of the 4 dropouts of the voice acting class. He lived in Monaco until he was 7 years old. His voice is excellent, but the reason he's in the dropout class is because he refuses to give up his foreign accent, he's full of himself, and he easily breaks under pressure. He was supposed to be the prince in their Snow White showdown, but Tsukino cursed him when he belittled Hime's talents, thus causing him to fall extremely ill before their performance.

well... hanya itu yang bisa saya beritahu, oh ya lupa, reviewsnya..

Name: Seiyuu Ka!, 声優かっ!
Original story by: Minami Maki
Art, by: Minami Maki
Published: 20 Jun 2009 untill ?
Status: on going
Genre: Shoujo, gender bender, Drama, Comedy, School Life,

well, thats all i can tell you~! oh ya, kan genrenya Shoujo... dan saya pernah bilang saya ga suka Shoujo, tapi INI BERBEDA! ini tentang Seiyuu! tentang MY DREAM! ABOUT MY ULTIMATE GOAL, so i need to learn this...  oh, and GOOD MORNING! I write this post after I just woke up, so, hehehe, saya masih bersemangat!!! mo yarutekita zo! <-- ngomong a la Natsu Dragneel

Ja ne!

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