Ichigo's Transformation!!

Ichigo's Transformation!!
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Mar 29, 2012

Anime Reviews; Highschool Of The Dead (HOTD)

   Osu Minna!! gomen,akhir-akhir ini saya jarang nge-post!! really sorry.. but I'm back now! and I'm going to tell you about HOTD. here is some pic..

Highschool of the Dead

  Fufufu~ this anime is about Zombie~ who likes Horror movies??? then you should watch this too! okay, the story goes by a misterious disease that cause people die, and become a Zombie... hm...anyone ever played Left for Dead?? well, if you have, the story, mirip2 lah... (What de?? kok pake bhs indo?? udh keren2 juga!!) [hohoho~ capek tau! nilai b. Ing gw tuh ga bagus!] (then why you use English at the first place?!) [for viewers from other country!!] oke, ehm, lupakan ke-gajean saya.. lets bahas the chara..

1. Takashi Komuro
Takashi Komuro Takashi Komuro, the main chara here.. Takashi ini yang pertama kali menyadari keberadaan "Zombie" di sekolahnya. dia sering skip class, tapi dia anak baik.. anak umur 17 tahun yang "biasa-biasa aja". dia ini chilhood friend-nya Rei, dan waktu kecil pernah berjanji akan menikah dengan Rei (unyuu unyuu, so sweet~). tapi karna sikap Takashi yang kurang peduli dengan perasaan Rei, maka Rei mulai pacaran dengan temannya, Hisashi. Takashi ini ketua dari Grup pelarian para Zombie. Takashi is determined to find his parents and to make sure that they're safe from the Zombie.
2. Rei Miyamoto
Rei Miyamoto Rei itu teman masa kecilnya Takashi dan berjanjji menikah dengannya... hm.... dia ini lumayan petarung yang hebat dan (di manga-nya) dia suka cemburu dengan Saeko, dan jug dia benci Shidou-sensei karna dia pernah ga naik kelas sekali.

3. Saya Takagi
Saya Takagi Namanya Saya Takagi.. (kamu Takagi?) [bukan, ini loh... chara yg ini namanya Saya Takagi] (namamu Takagi??) [GAAHHHHH!!! kenapa namanya Saya sih?!] (bukan... namanya itu Saya Takagi bukan Haru Kurokawa...) #duagh#
oke, I'm serious now.. First making her escape with fellow classmate Kouta Hirano, she is the daughter of an influential Uyoku dantai politician and her family is deeply involved in Japan's politics. A self-proclaimed genius, Saya's knowledge and deductive capabilities have allowed the group to escape from harm. She was among the first to conclude that "zombie" were attracted to sound. It was before their escape from the mansion that she managed to make up with her parents. Other than Rei, she is the only one who has a history with Takashi Komuro since they were children and is assumed to having deeper feelings for him.
4. Kouta Hirano
Kouta Hirano Kouta ini adalah otaku-senapan. dia katanya dulu waktu di US, dia belajar sama tentara disana dan mempelajari banyak tentang senapan. dan Kouta ini sering di Bully di sekolahnya. dan dia menyukai Saya(apa??? dia suka anda??) [gahhhh!!!]  Takagi

5. Saeko Busujima
Saeko Busujima A high school senior and president of the school's kendo club, she is extremely skilled with a bokken and close combat. Calm and collected with a sense of pride in her skills and those that she's with, Saeko is among the most reliable of the group. Everyone can count on her combat skills to pull them through a tough spot if need be. Not much is known about her family except for her father who had traveled abroad on a self-defense conference before the advent of the Outbreak. She has shown fondness towards Takashi and believes in his abilities to get them through the crisis.

6. Shizuka Marikawa
Shizuka Marikawa The school nurse at Fujimi High School, she is rather ditsy as compared to the rest of girls in the group. Her large bust size is often used as a comical element in the story. A 26 year old bachelorette she lives with Rika Minami, a sniper of Japan's Special Assault Team. Her home was used as a safe haven for the group once they escaped the high school. As a nurse she is responsible for the health and care of everyone in the group and is efficient at doing so.
Despite being the only adult in the group, she is emotionally fragile and doesn't know what will become of her life since the Outbreak started. Like the rest of the main characters, Shizuka worries that she will never see her family or friends again.

7. Alice Maresato
Alice Maresato Only 7 years old she was saved from being attacked by several undead by Takashi after her father was killed by members of a household who wouldn't allow them safety. Innocent and passive, Alice is the only member of the group that maintains a cheerful attitude despite all their troubles and the loss of her parents. Looking up to everyone in the group as a bigger brother and sister, she is unwilling to leave them even if it's for her own safety. Alice is often seen playing around with a small dog named Zeke whom they had picked up while saving Alice, and Kohta who she has grown fairly attached too. Presiding over her as a mother figure is Saya whom she has also grown attached too.
nyohohoho~ sekian sudah pembahasan Chara-nya.. next to the reviews

Name: Highschool Of The Dead, HOTD, Gakuen Mokushiroku
Rating: hmm... M+ (15+)
Genre: Action, Horror, Supernatural, Ecchi, Harem
Manga, by: Daisuke Sato
Anime: 12 Episode, 1 Sepcial

Thats all I can tell you~ Bye bee~

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