Ichigo's Transformation!!

Ichigo's Transformation!!
Kurosaki Ichigo Transformation!!

Feb 24, 2012

My Morning this morning (24-02-12)

   Hello!! Meet me again~ Hi
In this morning, I don't go to school, why?! I'm sick! Nyahaha why am I so happy?? of course! here, let me tell you my conclusion about "sick"

Sick = stay at your home sweet home
stay at your home sweet home = No School
No school = you are free
you are free = Internet
 Internet = you can do anything
you can do anything = Happiness
Happiness = Good Life

so, you can have a good life if you are sick, but.. dont get too much sick, or you may die..

  Well, as the post says "My morning This morning" that mean, I am gonna tell you about my morning...
  -Start from 5.00 am-
I woke up, then my dad says
Dad: do you want to go to school today? are you still dizzy?
Me: EH?! Hahehh?? really?? I can use this for my personal happines!  I don't know...
Dad: okay, if you wanna go to school hurry up and go to bath...
Me: FUCK NO!!! no way i'm going to school today!!

Mom: are you still sick?
Me: well, My throat is kinda hurting me... *not lying*
Mom: hmm.... it seems you have a little fever..
Me: Yes! yes! I do i do!!  Really?
Mom: Yes... well I guess you have to absent today..
Me: FUCK YEAHH!!!!!  But.... you have to tell my teacher...
Mom: alright.. I'll text your homeroom teacher later

and that how I got away from school..
and then, in the morning I got a healthy breakfast, fried saussages, and milk and orange juice.. man... this feels great! then I open my facebook account. I have only 1 notification, its about someone who protest about my sense of humour..Hejust looking at that crazy bitch makes me sick..., so I just ignore that crazy bitch, then I go to Fakku.net read some hentai doujin, man... what a great doujin to start my day! 1 hour, 2 hour, 3 hour passes by just reading a few doujinshi....
then I got bored Bosen and then I blogging!! I blogging while watching Aki Sora. but my lil sis ruin everything...... well, thats not really matter, the important one is:
Well, thats enough story for this morning I guess...
Byee~ See you soon!!



  1. Sakit kok malah seneng? =_="

    btw tukeran link aja mau gak? :v

    1. Nyahaha..! iy dong! >:3

      tukeran link opo? o.o