Ichigo's Transformation!!

Ichigo's Transformation!!
Kurosaki Ichigo Transformation!!

Feb 23, 2012

Anime Reviews; Hetalia Axis Powers

Yoo Minna!Hi
 meet me again!! Kurokawa Haru!! today I want to use some english language, but not Sule-ish English, but American English!! weird huh? I know.... well anyway,  today anime reviews is... Hetalia Axis Powers!! this is some pic:

This Hetalia is a 2007-publish anime. it is have been long time huh? This anime is about history. for you, yes you! that still hard to understand history such as wars, you can watch this anime! This is healthy for your brain! #WTF?! oh yea, although I said before this is anime is about history, that doesn't mean there are gore in it..  in fact, this anime is full of hillarious action. well, full-comedy... the chara here is a charateristic of the country. or, i could say, the human version of each country.  This anime is really creative. I mean,  who'd have thought to make an anime with full of comedy and history?! oh yea, this anime has soooo many chara, so i'm gonna tell you the chara who oftenly pop out(?) in the anime...

The Axis Powers, the 3 allies
1. North Italy, Feliciano Vargas
This is north Italy, he really likes to say "Paastaaaaaaaa~" well, italy related to pasta, right? his charateristic is childish, and baka, maybe.... he always retreat if he sees England. there is a Chibitalia, the childhood of Italy, and Italy has a bro named South Italy, or Romano, named Lovino Vargas. Romano is Tomato-ism(?) well,, the opposite of Italy...

2. Germany, Doitsu, Ludwig
This is Germany.. Ludwig. nah... I dunno his last name... Germany at first, really despice Italy, but they become a good friend at last. germany is really look alike with Holy Roman Empire. but, germany is NOT Holy Roman Empire... doitsu wa, really serious person, doesn't like joke, and a strict person too.....

3. Japan, Nihon, Kiku Honda
 Japan.... he is really quiet, and great at making miniature.. he appears in episode 4. his weapon is katana(a sword from japan). and.... um..... i think i have nothing to say to him.... he is the most normal from the 3 allies...

1. America, Alfred F. Jones
 Alfred desuu,,, yg ngebom dgn sadisnya japan... aahhhh akhirnya ngomong indo!!!!!! ah... but I cant speaks indo too much.... ehm, If Italy likes Pasta, then America likes, Hambaguu(Hamburger) America is England's lil' adopt bro... America always says "Because  Im the hero!" and he is the leaders of the sekutu...

2. U.K, England, Arthur Kirkland
 England.... he oftenly pick a fight with America.. and he is british... I don't know if the british uses magic, because in the anime, England once uses magic.. cool~

4. France, Francis Bonnefoy
France once offer England to marry him, because France country is in a great debt and poor. and he talk dirty.. -_-

5. Russia, Ivan Braginski
Russia is yandere, same as mee~ he likes to say "Vodkaa~"  Russia looks like a caring person, but actually he is really  violence...

6. China, Yao Wang
China, before that, do you know that China is Japan's Bro? the answers maybe: 1. yes I know.. 2. I didn't know 3. WWWHHHAAAAATTTT???? bro?! but China looks like a girl!! 4. none of the answers is my answer...
yup. at first, i thught China is a girl, but his chest is wayyyy to flat for a girl.. China likes to add "aru" after word that he has spoken. ex: "boku wa China de aru" yeah... something like that.... and China is the one who gives Kanji to Japan... (kuso china.... kenapa harus kasih kanji?!?!? padahal kan katana dan hiragana sudah cukup!!!!)

and thats all the oftenly appears chara on Hetalia Axis Powers

Name: Hetalia Axis Powers, Axis Powers Hetalia
Rating: All ages (semua umur)
Genre: Comedy, History.
Manga by: Hidekazu Himaruya
Anime: 4-7 minutes,  Many episodes
Excess(kelebihan): a story about history of the world, which is rarely found in anime series
Shortage(kekurangan): the randomness is kinda ruin the story

well, that is all I can tell you guys! and because this is the end of this post, im gonna.... NGOMONG INDONESIA!! NYAHAHAHAHAHA capek ngomong bhs inggrisDizzy pusingg! apalagi gapake google translate, jadi maaf2 aja ya, kalo ada yg salah.. Sip o iya, walaupun ini anime dunia, tp Indonesia "belum" di adain di animenya... semoga ada yah! amiiinnn!!!

well, sekian I can tell you, sekian dan terimakasih!! Ja ne! Bye

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