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Jul 22, 2012

Anime Reviews; Kuroko no Basuke

yoo~ mina~ gomen ngga pernah nge-post... saya sibuk dgn nyiapin cosu, main eroge(online) dan nyebarin berita AFA.. yosh! kyou wa, Kuroko no Basuke! anime reviews!! seperti yg anda ketahui, bahasa saya agak mencong-mencong dan bukan bahasa indonesia/inggris yg baik, maka dari itu, saya copas dari berbagai macam situs... (saya juga males ngetik banyak2 sih~ kesesese~)

some picture to start the reviews..
Kuroko no Basket

anime ini lagi seru2ny dibahas para penyuka shounen(dan basket)... temen ane sampe tergila2, dan karna penasaran, saya baca manganya, terus karna seru, ane jadi ikut nge-pens... wkwkwk
Synopsis: The Teiko Middle School Basketball Team: The class that produced three perfect seasons in a row, with five once-in-a generation players, called "The miracle generation". However there was another player who all of them respected... A legendary 6th player. An up-and-coming power player, Taiga Kagami, is just back from America. When he comes to Seirin High School, he meets the super-ordinary boy, Tetsuya Kuroko. Kagami is shocked to find that Kuroko isn't good at basketball, in fact, he's bad! And he's so plain that he's impossible to see. But Kuroko's plainness lets him pass the ball around without the other team noticing him, and he's none other than the sixth member of the Miracle Generation. (Source: AnimeNewsNetwork)

1. Kuroko Tetsuya
Tetsuya KurokoTetsuya Kuroko
The main protagonist. He is the sixth and the phantom member of the "Generation of Miracles" and Seirin's new secret weapon. If you don't pay attention, you wouldn't be able to notice his presence (there are a lot of cases in when everybody's startled after noticing Kuroko's 'sudden appearance). At the first glance, he's so mediocre; all his abilities (power, speed and flexibility) seem to be below average, but he can be a dangerous opponent. Despite being apparently bad at dribbling and shooting, he's specialized in circulating passes without being seen thanks to his lack of presence. Given the absolute presence and importance of the ball in play, it had been previously thought impossible for Kuroko to maintain his misdirection while in possession of the ball, and as such the time he spends handling the ball on court is extremely minimal. Because of his largely complementary skill set, Kuroko considers himself a "shadow".

2. Taiga Kagami
Taiga KagamiTaiga Kagami
Kagami was in America until second year of middle school and has recently come back to Japan in his first year on senior high. He is determined to surpass "The Generation of Miracles" and become the number 1. Along with Kuroko, they're the only two freshmen allowed to play in matches. At the start of this manga, Kagami is shown to have a huge potential -- good build, height, skill in basketball -- but his strongest weapon is his inhuman jump. With those jumps (that gradually gets higher and higher every time he jumps), he managed to block his opponent's attacks. he and Kuroko are actually on good terms, and they're called Seirin's Freshmen Duo.(pasti banyak yg bikin fic yaoi nih..)

3. Riko Aida
Riko AidaRiko Aida
She is the coach of the basketball team. She has the ability to be able to tell the potential of each basketball player just by looking at their bodies. Her ability works best when the players are shirtless. She got this ability by following her father to work. She's so horrible at cooking that her teammates can't endure eating it (moreover, she has the habit of mixing vitamins with her cooking). She's good at studying and is ranked #2 in the whole school. Riko can be really scary when she's mad, and she's often teased as being 'flat-chested'

4. Ryuota Kise
Ryouta KiseRyouta Kise
(ini nih... yg sering bikin fan-girl scream... IKEMEN!!)
Now a freshman at Kaijou High, Kise was the rookie of the "Generation of Miracles". Since he only started playing basketball in his second year of middle school, Kise was his team's least experienced member, and notes himself the weakest of the five. Kise's unique skill is his ability to mimic the moves and plays of other players. The only moves he cannot copy are the special skills of truly exceptional players, like the other members of the "Generation of Miracles". Beyond being a strong player in his own right, Kise respects Kuroko's abilities and wishes to play with him once again. He seems to have a slight obsession with Kuroko. Because of this, Kise's interactions with Kuroko tend to come off like Kise is flirting with him, even though they are talking about basketball. Also, he's a model in his free time, so girls are always mobbing him. (yg ini juga banyak fic KisexKuroko =w=)

4. Midorima Shintarou
Shintarou MidorimaShintarou Midorima
Midorima is one of the Generation of Miracles. He specializes in shooting, and by 'shooting' means that he has an absolute accuracy (said that he never missed any shot) and the whole court is his shooting range. He's left-handed, and he always bandages his left hand fingers if he's not on a match to protect his nails, because the secret to his accuracy is those nails. He absolutely believes in astrology and horoscopes; he always listens to Oha-Asa, a morning horoscope reading, and he never fails to bring his today's lucky item.
5. Aomine Daiki
Daiki AomineDaiki Aomine
Aomine was the ace of Teikou's team, embracing an aggressive and liquid style, made even more powerful by Kuroko's misdirection. In fact, Aomine was once Kuroko's "Light", before Kagami. Incredibly fast and versatile, Aomine's strength lies in his unpredictability, as well as an uncanny ability to shoot from virtually any position. Though he loves basketball, he has grown sardonic and unenthusiastic toward the sport, skipping practice and even arriving late for important matches. This is due to his frustration in not being able to find an opponent capable of matching his skill, and thus making he concludes that the only one that can defeat him is he himself.
6. Murasakibara Atsushi
Atsushi MurasakibaraAtsushi Murasakibara
Formerly playing center for Teikou Middle School's basketball team, he does the same now for Youizumi High School. Beyond possessing shoulder-length, purple hair, Murasakibara is immediately recognizable for his great height, at least ten centimeters taller than any other currently revealed member of the Generation of Miracles. The everyday Murasakibara is childish and often teases people, but once he's on the court, his personality changes. Because of his natural height and great talent, he doesn't care very much for basketball, and he said that he's annoyed seeing average people going so far on playing basketball

7. Seijuro Akashi
Seijuro AkashiSeijuro Akashi
The final member of the Generation of Miracles, he stood at their head as captain, leading their team to uncontested victory during the three years he played for Teikou Middle School. He is uninterested in winning, simply because victory in his eyes is an absolute given, requisite to his own life as much as breathing. He upholds an extreme 'winner-take-all' philosophy, believing that victors are granted absolution in all things, while losers are denied everything. He claims never to have lost at anything, and as such he believes himself right in all things; he grows violent towards those who thus defy him, attempting to stab Kagami with a pair of scissors when the latter refused to leave even when told to do so. Respected and feared by the Generation of Miracles, they assemble as he demands, and can't help but heed his words.

Name: Kuroko no Basuke, Kuroko's Basketball, 黒子のバスケ
Rating: 13 or more
Genre: Comedy, Sports, SHOUNEN, School
Original Creator: Fujimaki Tadatoshi
Anime: Aired from April 8 2012.
Status: Ongoing, currently 16 episodes
Duration: 24 minutes/episodes


de~ selesai sudah reviews kita! memang singkat... saya ini baru baca manganya aja lo.. tadinya sih mau manga reviews, tapi kurang berwarna~ jadinya anime reviews aja deh... oh ya, temen ane yg fujo suka banget pairing KiseKuroko jadinya klo ketemu fic ttg itu, kemungkinan buatan temen ane yg fantasinya mencapai 7 langit...

sampai disini dan sampai jumpa!


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